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Wellington's only Zero Waste Meal Box service!

Order and enjoy our delicious plant-based meals that take LESS THAN 30 minutes to prepare!

Created for you FRESH daily by a small but mighty team in our Porirua kitchen.

All with Zero Waste in your box, at very competitive prices!

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What's in a box?

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a photo of yum jar boxes ready to go out, filled with vegetables. a cartoon person has been drawn around the picture. They are smiling and holding some bright carrots and a ladle with tomato paste on it

the zero waste cycle

an illustration showing the yum jar product cycle, with icons of the items, and where they come from. everything comes from somewhere in wellington. the cycle is: jars, labels > various ingredients > yum jar hq > electric vehicle > you > pickup jars w. electric vehicle > wash jars > and then back to yum jar hq

Feedback From our awesome customers:

Thank you for all the delicious meals you've provided for us this year!!!


The best meal box we've ever had!


Hello! I just want to say that last week’s recipes were amazing!! Our favourite was the nachos. Everything was so delicious. Thank you so much. XX


I'm a single working mum who struggles to feed myself well, and who hates all the packaging that comes with other meal kits or pre-made meals so this is absolutely perfect for me.


Many thanks for all the delicious meals over the last three months. We'll look forward to continuing our subscription once we're back from holiday


We loved it - the meals were really tasty and easy to make.


I LOVE yumjar and where you’ve gone with it! I really appreciate being able to eat a variety of delicious vege food with less prep and zero waste!


Yum Jar is incredibly helpful for myself, my husband and my toddler. The toddler ate every meal! A huge thank you - and we didn’t have to sacrifice our morals and cause a ton of waste to have some easier meals.