Free* Jar Collection

Free* Jar Collection

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Please Note: We can only pick up jars within our current Delivery Zones in the Wellington Region.

*Some Delivery Zones incur a $5 'delivery' fee as they are further away.


Do you have a collection of jars and/or icepacks to donate? 

We can collect them, whether you have 10 or 100, whether they are ours or others you have collected. We can reuse them in our zero waste meal box delivery service! 

We have diverted and continue to divert thousands of jars from the energy intensive recycling process, and nearly as many ice packs from landfill, by giving them a second life in our reuse business model. Read more about this here!


- Clear Glass Jars: clean, undamaged and clear glass of any size up to 1 Litre, with metal lids that close tightly. Labels on jars are fine, they don't need removing for our service. 

- Icepacks: clean and undamaged, preferably the plain water ones, not gel ones. Please DEFROST them before donating as we can freeze them ourselves in our huge freezer!

- MINIMUM of 10 jars and/or icepacks per request. Please save them up until you have enough to make a request. 


- glass bottles - we already have many and don't use them very often

- plastic containers

- jars or lids with rust on them

- cans or any metal containers

- jars that aren't clear glass (i.e. frosty, green or brown)

- jars larger than 1 Litre

- bottles with unremovable plastic lids (ie. soy sauce bottles),

- jars that don't close (i.e. baby food jars).

- wine/beer/spirit bottles

- cardboard boxes

- basically anything that isn't a good old plain jar!

Please keep these other items and/or recycle them yourself with your local council. We are not a recycling service, so we can only take things we can re-use for our service. Thanks for understanding!

Unsure? Email us a photo of your collection and we will let you know what we can use!

How it works:

- Select the pickup day that suits your address's Delivery Zone from the drop down menu, and click add to cart. If you cannot leave your jar/s out for collection on your doorstep please include a note with instructions i.e. "box on back porch" or "please call on arrival" or "foyer door code xxxx, box under mailboxes".

- Complete your order via the checkout with correct address, email, and phone number.

- You do not need to purchase anything else to do this and your account will not be charged anything unless you live in our Red or Light Blue Zones which incurs an automatic $5 'delivery' fee, as it's further for our EV to drive.

- You will then be added to our delivery/pickup schedule.

Prefer to drop off your jars? Come by our address 25 Cairns St, Rongotai, from Monday-Thursday 9am-6pm. If the warehouse is not open, please just leave the jars directly to the right of the door in the little space between the wall and the fence.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are receiving a box in the same week we will not make an extra trip on a different day to collect empty jars - please leave your jars out for collection only on the day of delivery. It would not be financially viable for us to do two trips per week for all of our customers. Thank you for your understanding.

Thanks for helping us continue our Zero Waste Cycle! Any questions please don't hesitate to contact us!