UPDATE: Orders now close THURSDAYS at MIDNIGHT for Meal Boxes delivered the following week!

Free Box/Jar Pickup NEXT WEEK

Free Box/Jar Pickup NEXT WEEK

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Orders close on THURSDAYS AT MIDNIGHT every week for all pickups for Thursday-Friday the following week. Any orders made after this cut-off time will NOT be processed until the following week. If you wish to make a late order please email us to check if we are able to include it. Thankyou for your understanding!

This is because we have a high volume of deliveries of our box orders and only have so much time and space for box pickups, so we plan all our delivery and pickup routes/schedules in advance.


Got a box or jars to return but not ordering this week? Or have a collection of jars or icepacks to donate? We will come pick them up, whether you have 10 or 50!

We CAN use:

- undamaged CLEAN clear glass jars only, any size, preferably with metal lids that close tightly. Labels on jars are fine, they don't need removing.

- Bottles are fine, but only those with metal lids please (i.e. no soy sauce, beer bottles etc.) 

- Jars we REALLY need: 1 Litre, 1 Cup (250ml), and everything between 100-250ml. We sometimes have to buy these from Arthur Holmes, but we much prefer to reuse jars already in existence

We DON'T use:

- plastic containers

- cans and metal containers

- jars that aren't clear glass (i.e. foggy, green or brown)

- bottles with unremovable plastic lids (ie. soy sauce bottles), jars that don't close (i.e. baby food jars).

- wine and beer bottles

Please keep these items and/or recycle them yourself with your local council. We are not a recycling service, we can only take things we can re-use! 

How it works:

- Select a what day you'd like collection, then click Add To Cart.

- Provide an accurate pickup address, email, and cellphone number. If you cannot leave your jar/s safely on your doorstep please include a note with instructions i.e. "box on back porch" or "please call on arrival" or "foyer door code xxxx, box under mailboxes".

- Complete your order via the checkout. You do not need to purchase anything else to do this and your account will not be charged.

- You will then be added to our delivery/pickup schedule. Please make sure you have read the note at the top of the product listing explaining our order processing schedule; this will indicate which week your pickup order will be processed and collected.

Thanks for helping us with our Zero Waste Cycle! Any questions please don't hesitate to contact us!