30.11.20: Orders reopen Saturday Midday

How To Order

Step 1: Make an Account

Step 2: Choose your Meal Box

  • Click on a product, choose your preferred options (whether you want gluten free or not, and your preferred delivery time), and add it to your cart.
  • SUBCRIPTIONS: We now offer a weekly automated checkout reminder that acts as a subscription - with a 5% discount on recurring orders! NOTE: You still have to confirm your order each week while there are still available orders - but this means you won't be automatically charged, and if you want to change your order you can, or if you want to skip a week you can just ignore the email and come back to it when you're ready to return!

Step 3: Check Out and Pay

  • Head to the checkout via Your Cart in the top right hand corner.
  • Add your delivery address, instructions if your doorstep is not easy to find, your email, name and contact phone number (cellphone numbers only please) and pay through Shopify's secure processing. 
  • All our meals are 100% Plant Based, and therefore contain no meat, dairy, poutry, or insect derived products. There is also a gluten free option for every type of box. Please email us for other dietary requests before ordering as not all modifications are possible.

Step 4: Receive your Delivery

  • House deliveries: If you have a secure, sheltered doorstep, we will just leave your box there with a knock at the door. If you have any previous Yum Jar boxes, jars, or ice packs we supply, please return these to us at your delivery time by leaving them outside your door (sheltered if possible, we reuse the boxes as long as possible!) 
  • Apartment deliveries: You will need to choose a time when you will be home, and come out to collect your order when we text you. Please do not leave your Yum Jar bags/jars outside the building, but wait for us to text you, and we will swap them for your order on arrival.
  • Workplace deliveries: You can receive a workplace delivery on a Friday during the day if we can deliver it straight into your office/reception, or if you're able to meet us outside your office building in case of secure access. We ask that you bring your previous boxes/jars to work with you so we can collect them from there.
  • Pickups from our Kitchen: If you can't receive a home delivery, please email us ASAP about picking up from our kitchen, which is possible between 5:30-6:15pm Wednesday or Thursdays.

Other Information:

  • Ordering will go live by midday every Saturday, and we release a new menu for the following week's orders around that time too, by 1pm latest.
  • You can see the upcoming meals for the week (and previous weeks) on our Menu Calendar, accessible via the menu bar at the top of every page.
  • We are a very small team and will always endeavour to reply to communications as much as possible, however sometimes it might take 24 hours for a reply, so make sure to email any inquiries as soon as you have them!