NO ORDERS THIS WEEK: We are closed for the week of 30th May - 6th June. due to scheduled building maintenance. We sincerely apologise for this inconvenience!

How to Order

a illustrated diagram, with arrows pointing in a loop between four steps: 1 order your box. 2 box delivery. 3 cook and eat. 4 return jars.


Detailed Steps

Make an Account

  • Please check your delivery address is within our current Delivery Zones and what day your area can receive deliveries.
  • Sign up to create an account with your name, email and a password.
  • Optional: Sign up to our newsletter at the bottom of our homepage!

Choose your Meal Box

  • Check out our menu options on our current Menu Calendar
  • Have a look at our current meal boxes, choose a box, select your preferred delivery day (please check to see which days apply to your address Delivery Zone), and add it to your cart.
  • Select the Subscription option if you would like a weekly or fortnightly subscription.
  • Don't forget to check out our Zero Waste Goodies Shop to add to your order! If you are choosing a box subscription, your Goodies will not be subscriptions unless you choose them to be separately. Only some products are available as subscriptions i.e. Coffee. To add a one-off product to an existing subscription, simply make the new product order before Friday midnight the week you wish to receive it - we will collate it with any other order you have for that week and include everything in the one box.
  • Check to make sure you know what week your order is in! Order cut off time is now Friday Midnight, any orders made on the weekend will not be included in the week immediately following, but the week after!

Check Out and Pay

  • Head to the checkout via Your Cart in the top right hand corner.
  • Add your preferred delivery address, your email, name and contact cellphone number and pay through Shopify's secure processing. 
  • If your house is hard to get to/find/upstairs and not numbered/has an access code etc. please add directions in the Notes or 'Apartment/Suite' address line. Other delivery notes can be added here too (i.e. don't knock, please call on arrival, etc.)

Receiving your Delivery

  • House deliveries: If you have a secure, sheltered doorstep, we will just leave your box there with a knock at the door. If you have any previous Yum Jar boxes, jars, or ice packs, please leave them outside your door (sheltered from rain if possible as they will break if wet and we like to reuse them!) for us to collect.
  • Apartment deliveries: If you live in an apartment and will not be home during your delivery, please include your building's access code on your address in line 1, so we can safely leave it inside. Please leave any previous box of jars near the entrance, not outside the building. If you will be home, we can call you on arrival and wait for you to come down with any previous box of jars and collect your new box.
  • Pickups from our Kitchen: If you can't receive a home delivery for any reason, pickup from our Porirua kitchen is possible between 9am-9pm Tuesday-Thursday, and 9am-3pm Fridays. Please bring your previous boxes/jars back to us for collection. The kitchen is located at 59b Takapuwahia Drive, Porirua, between the dairy and the laundromat. If you can no longer make it on the day you have chosen, please contact us ASAP to rearrange. For safety reasons, please wear a face mask that covers your nose and mouth to visit the kitchen for any reason.

Returning/donating your Jars

  • Please put out your previous box for collection on the next day you are expecting a delivery so our drivers can easily swap it for your new box when they arrive. Jars and lids MUST be washed and clean of any food residue. Please include the icepack it was delivered with, but have it defrosted so it doesn't damage the box, as we reuse these too - so also  please do not write on the box! If your box was damaged and is no longer usable, please use a different box or bag that our drivers can take with them. The herb trays can be returned with the soil still in, or rinsed with cold water (hot water will warp the bio-plastic). The bio-plastic trays will be returned to our grower and reused.
  • If you are going away, moving, or discontinuing ordering from us, please order a free Box Pickup so we can come by and recollect our jars, box and icepack from you. You do not need to select this option if you are expecting an order in the next 2 weeks from us.
  • You can also donate extra jars and icepacks to us! If you have a delivery coming, just pop them into your box you're returning.

Further Information

  • Ordering is now open between Saturday Midday and Friday Midnight the week before delivery. Any orders made after Midnight Friday will not be processed until the week following. If you have just missed the cut off please email us no later than Monday 9am and we may be able to squeeze you in!
  • You can see the upcoming meals for the weeks ahead on our Menu Calendar.
  • We are a small busy team and while we will always endeavour to reply to communications ASAP, however sometimes it might take up to 24 hours for a reply, so make sure to email any inquiries as soon as you have them!