How To Order

How To Order from Yum Jar

  • Each week a new menu goes up on Friday by 5pm and the weekly newsletter is also sent out to our email subscribers.

For one-off ordering:

  • Head to our homepage, and if you haven't already, sign up!
  • Add your preferred Yum Jars from the daily menu to your cart by clicking on them and adding them to your order, and head to the checkout via Your Cart in the top right.
  • Add your precise delivery location (street, street #, building, workplace name, floor level, room #, etc. if we have to hunt for you!), your email (preferably a personal email), name and contact phone number (cellphone numbers only please!) and pay through Shopify's secure processing. 
  • All our meals are 100% Gluten Free and Plant Based. All ingredients and a dietary guide are listed on each Yum Jar's page, so please read these before making your order. Please email us for other dietary requests before ordering as not all modifications are possible.
  • Orders can still be placed last minute on their delivery day: they will close when they sell out, which is usually by 11am.
  • *Daily quantities vary depending on the number of existing orders made by 9am, to prevent food wastage.

For subscriptions:

  • Our subscriptions work a little differently than other ready-meal companies, as we make and deliver one kind of meal per day, and these are pre-set on the Friday before the week starts. So you choose your meals by choosing what days you want to receive Yum Jars on (i.e. we can't deliver Thursday's meal on Monday!)
  • For 3-4 day subscriptions please tell us which days you wish to receive your orders in the note to seller box, before payment. If you have ordered a multi-week subscription you are welcome to change your day preferences for the following weeks as they come, just email us!
  • If you order a subscription and it starts on a day that has already passed, or it is after 9am on that day, your subscription will start the following week, unless you get in touch with us.
  • If you wish to cancel, swap, or you want to change your subscription preferences, please notify us by 9am on the day via email or text message. We are happy to move days around or exchange store credit for changes until 9am on the day at the latest.
  • Why subscriptions? They are cheaper per meal, and the longer your subscription, the better the deal! So they're really great value as well as convenient for those of you who just want lunch to always show up!
  • We recommend setting up a reminder on your calendar/phone to purchase a subscription when it finishes as they are not automatically ongoing.
  • If you have any allergies please get in touch before ordering a subscription to check if we can accommodate this.


  • By 9am we will send an email to everyone who has already ordered with the day's estimated delivery times for each location. If you order after 9am you will not receive the schedule. If you make an order after 9am please be aware that your delivery may be later on the delivery route, depending on your location and our pre-defined delivery route that day.
  • If you don't hear from us in the morning but are expecting an order, please get in touch ASAP so we can still make your order or confirm you are on the delivery list.
  • If you do hear from us but were not expecting a Yum Jar that day, please let us know ASAP as we may have made a mistake and should have messaged someone else! 

Delivery Zones

Since opening in Jan 2019, our delivery zone has expanded from just the CBD to include all of Wellington south of Wadestown, and the central Petone/Alicetown/Seaview area! Delivery times vary daily but are always between 11am-1pm. See the lists and maps below for times and zones.

Average Delivery Times:

NoCar Cargo Cyclist Couriers

11:30-12:30pm Te Aro/CBD/Lambton Quay 

12:30-1pm Thorndon, The Terrace

Yum Jar Electric Car: The Yum Car!

11am-11:30: Petone, Seaview

11:30-12pm: Western Suburbs i.e. Kelburn, Wilton, Karori

12-12:30pm: Central Suburbs i.e. Aro Valley, Mt Victoria, Mt Cook, Newtown

12:30-1pm: Eastern Suburbs i.e. Kilbirnie, Lyall Bay, Miramar,

12:45-1pm: Southern Suburbs i.e. Brooklyn, Island Bay, Owhiro Bay, Korokoro

If you are not sure if you are in the delivery zone but would like to receive Yum Jars, feel free to send us an email at to inquire.

Delivery Zones

Update Friday 20th March: we now deliver even further! Zones within the blue dotted line can be delivered by 1pm, those within the red lines but outside the blue will be delivered after 1pm.

Receiving Yum Jar Deliveries

    Your Yum Jar will be delivered into your office or reception, so there will not be a message alerting you of it's arrival unless: you request this, your office/location is inaccessible, or we can't find your location. Please remember to leave your previous jar at reception/drop off location for the cyclist or delivery driver to retrieve! If you can't do this, please let us know so we can message you to meet and collect it on delivery.

    If you forget to return your Yum Jar once or twice, that's fine! We understand, life is chaotic! You can just return both jars next time. Please don't leave unwashed jars for more than a day - we recommend rinsing with a little bit of warm water immediately after you eat it for prevention of mould and ease of cleaning on our end. Please see our FAQs page for for what to do if you lose or break your jar, or if you no longer wish to order from us.

    For all other info, and before ordering, please read our FAQs, Catering, and About Us pages.


    Ottilie & the Yum Jar Team