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In a Nutshell...

Yum Jar was created to make eating healthy, plant-based food and reducing your carbon footprint as easy, convenient and delicious as possible!

We are completely zero-waste from pot to plate!

There’s a huge amount of pressure as a society to reduce our consumption levels and carbon footprint, but we as consumers have been hardwired to rely on convenient but often wasteful solutions like single use plastic packaging to get by.

Yum Jar is determined to help by providing a zero-waste lifestyle option, packaging your meal components in reusable glass jars that you can return to us next time we deliver. All you have to do is remember to leave our box of jars outside for collection with your next order. You'll be amazed at how reduced your rubbish and recycling becomes!

We're also buying everything in bulk to reduce packaging, returning containers to suppliers, and avoiding plastics and packaging that cannot be recycled as much as we can. We are currently only sending one household sized bag of rubbish weighing approximately 1kg per 1000 meals sent out to customers. The waste created is mostly things legally required in running a commercial kitchen, which we are always looking for solutions for. We are sending all our compost to Edible Earth farms in Porirua, and recycling all our tins/aluminium and unavoidable #1 , #2 and #5 plastics. And any occasional broken glass we take to the glass recycling ourselves so it doesn't go to landfill! 

All our food is 100% plant-based

With more and more research being confirmed about global warming and the negative effect our food habits are having on our atmosphere, it seems so hard to know how to make a difference as an individual. However, eating plant-based foods has been widely shown to greatly reduce our impact - by up to 80% per person! BUT, we acknowledge that changing our eating habits without sacrificing nutrition and taste can seem like an impossible task...

Yum Jar to the rescue! We want you to feel good, not only by eating delicious, nutrient dense, plant-based food, but also by knowing you're reducing your own personal environmental impact! We've designed and are very proud of our business model, that incorporates a zero waste cycle with recollection and reuse of all of our delivery packaging, and makes buying products for our kitchen that are sustainably packaged a high priority. 

We also deliver zero carbon with our 100% electric Nissan Leaf vehicles.

What staples do I need to have in my pantry?

We include everything you need in our boxes except a few optional basics. These will be included on the recipe cards so we recommend having the following in your pantry:

- Olive Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and Sesame Oil, and Coconut Oil are recommended, but you can always substitute your preferred oil into any recipe- or omit altogether if you prefer! You can also purchase all of the above oils zero waste as add-ons to your box from our Shop!

- Salt & Pepper (you can also purchase these from us here!)

And that's all!

Are the meals healthy? How large are they? What's the Nutritional Info?

Our meals are designed to suit the average person's dietary needs, i.e. to meet 1/3 of your daily nutritional intake (which is approximately 8700kj in total). We are currently working with a nutritionist to get the Nutritional Info for all our sauces and meals each week up on the website - as you can imagine this is a significant undertaking and is taking some time, but we hope to have all of this available with the menu regularly from April 2022!

In the meantime, we can tell you our meals are:

- jam-packed full of fresh produce, whole grains, legumes, and other unprocessed, healthy plant-based ingredients

- 100% plant-based (zero animal products used or purchased)

- contain minimal amounts of oil and salt*

- contain NO refined sugars, artificial sweeteners, msg, or additives, or palm oil

- made fresh from scratch on the day of delivery

*Most of our recipes are limited to a maximum of 1ml oil per serve, with the exception of any mayo/aioli or salad dressings, which usually require more oil to bind/thicken them. (Also excluding oil used in cooking at home, which is not mandatory but often suggested in our recipes, you can always sub water). We also limit salt added to our sauces to 1g per serve. See more info on our ingredients limits on the Ingredients page!

Is our food Organic?

Short answer: No. Long answer: while we do buy some organic produce and dry goods, we don't do it as a rule. We want to keep Yum Jar accessible and affordable, and going 100% organic would come with a significant price increase to our boxes. Our salad greens and fresh herbs however do come from a totally organic garden in East Porirua, less than 5km from our kitchen.

Why no animal products?

All Yum Jar meals are 100% free from animal products. You can get all the nutrition (yes, including protein, b12 and calcium!) you need from plant-based foods, you just have to know how! Luckily, our chef Ottilie has been cooking vegan for over a decade and has been a vegetarian most of her life, so has a whole lot of delicious and satisfying plant-based recipes up her sleeve. These meals are just as satisfying as the 'real deal', just without relying on the hugely environmentally detrimental animal product industry. Included in every Yum Jar recipe is a wide variety of proteins, carbs and other important nutrients that all come from plant-based ingredients that will satisfy vegans, vegetarians, and omnivores alike!.

Is your food Coeliac-friendly?

All of our meals can be gluten free. No gluten-containing products are cooked in our kitchen. The only gluten products in our kitchen are dried pastas. No oats, other grains, or flours containing gluten are used. We store and package all gluten containing pasta separately and extremely carefully, so the contamination risk is the lowest possible. There is also no gluten in any of our sauces. Choosing the Gluten Free option simply changes which pasta or noodles you get in your box, hence the minimal price difference!

However as much as we are extremely careful, we cannot completely guarantee all products we buy are completely risk free. Some bulk products we buy may have been processed before entering our kitchen on machines that while also carefully cleaned between use, may have processed gluten.

I'm pregnant, is your food safe for me and my baby?

Most of our food will be completely fine for pregnant people. Plant Based diets are in general far less risky than diets containing meat or dairy products. Our precooked sauces will be safe for you to eat as long as the ones that require heating are heated to above 75 degrees Celsius, for at least 2 minutes. The only possible things to look out for might be coconut cream and coconut yoghurt, which I would make sure to eat within 4-5 days of the box delivery, and Hummus and Tahini, which have a potential risk if uncooked. We would also definitely recommend washing all your veggies really well, but we hope everyone does that anyway! Our products are not specifically designed for pregnant people, so we recommend you seek advice from your GP for more specific health information.

How long is the preparation time per meal?

All our recipes are designed to take the average home cook with basic skills and equipment less than 30 minutes from starting to serving! We include freshly prepared sauces and toppings (made within 48 hours of your box delivery) in our meal boxes to speed up the process, so you spend minimal time working and maximum time enjoying!

Is there an extra delivery fee?

No! The delivery fee has been included in the cost of the box, so there's no extra fee added on at the checkout.

Do you recollect the boxes/jars/ice-packs?

Yes! Please keep the box, cleaned empty jars, lids and ice packs so we can collect them for reuse. Box collection will occur when your next order is delivered, or if you aren't ordering again, or are away for a while you can select the free Box Collection option to pick a time when we can collect it. Please note if you are ordering a box you do not need to order a pickup in the same week! Just leave your empties box out for collection the day you are expecting your order. We send an email out at about 4pm with the delivery notification and reminder to do this.

Is there a minimum/maximum order? What's the price per meal?

There's no minimum order required, just at least 1 meal box - i.e. you cannot order our Zero Waste Goodies Shop products by themselves. The smallest meal box we have for sale is our Box Creator - Single Recipe, available with 2 or 4 portions. However, it's important to note that the more meals your box has, the cheaper per meal it becomes! For example, the Box Creator -Single Recipe with 2 portions is $11.50 per meal, whereas the Couple Goals box with a total of 20 meals works out at just $8.25 per meal! And there's no added delivery fee on top of this.
Bigger family or household? Going on a group trip and need easy meal prep for more than 4 people? You are totally welcome to order multiple meal boxes depending on your household's needs, but we do require that all delivery orders made for the same address are delivered on the same day - as we have limited time and capacity for deliveries and are trying to keep our pricing as affordable as possible.

My preferred option says "Sold Out"

If everything is unavailable that means we have reached our order capacity for the week, or it is between midnight Friday and midday Saturday, which is our order processing time so the whole website is "closed".
If something is unavailable on the day you want, but available another day, make your order for a different day and/or email us about it ASAP - we may be able to squeeze you in on your preferred day.

I want a Self Love/Couple Goals/Box Creator but on Monday!

Sorry about this, but due to our small space we don't make anything for Recipes 4 or 5 until Tuesdays, and Box Creators take more time to put together so we only have the extra time to do this from Wednesday onwards. We do apologise for this inconvenience and hope to change this in future as we grow!

How long does the box last?

Each box's meal components all have a safe-to-eat lifespan of 1 week from delivery, if all precooked food and veggies are kept fresh in the fridge, and other dried goods are kept sealed in a temperate area. Any fresh leafy greens may perish faster than this, so we recommend eating the meals with them in first. Also, the Corn Tortillas may look like cupboard-stable items, but please keep these tightly sealed and in the fridge or they may grow mold.

Can I freeze my meals?

Sure! But please transfer to a container other than our glass jars, as these may break in the freezer. We recommend not freezing fresh greens or toppings to be served fresh (i.e. salad greens, slaw) as these will not always taste great reheated or thawed, but most sauces, precooked pasta and rice etc. will be fine to freeze and eat over the following few weeks. Be sure to reheat rice and pasta for at least 3-4 mins to ensure it is steaming hot before consumption. If you're unsure about what to not freeze, just ask us.

I work/live outside your delivery zone! Can I order?

Yes! Provided you can pick up your order from our Porirua kitchen, just choose this option when ordering. Our kitchen is located at 59b Takapuwahia Drive, Porirua, and is open between 9am-9pm Mon-Weds, and 9am-5pm Thurs-Fri. Please contact us if you are only just outside our delivery zone and are unable to collect and we will see if it is possible to deliver, depending on where you are located.

Can I cancel my order?

Yes, if it is before 9am Monday you will get a full refund.

If you are on a subscription you need to pause/skip/cancel BEFORE your weekly charge date. If you miss this and still want to make a change just email us asap.


If you are afraid of missing out, we highly recommend checking the subscription option on your chosen meal box's product page, which will automatically place your order and charge your chosen account weekly! You can cancel, suspend or edit any time BEFORE your subscription charges you each week.

Pausing/Editing a Subscription 

If you have a subscription you need to pause, cancel or edit your order BEFORE your weekly charge to your bank occurs. If you miss this and still want to make a change just email us asap, before Monday 9am.

To edit your subscription, head to the account page, click subscriptions, and then click on the subscription number you want to change:

I've moved house! Can I change my subscription address?

You can update and delete old addresses in your Account settings.

NOTE: If you have a subscription and you are changing your address, you need to edit your subscription address as well as your Shopify account address, this can be done via the link in the subscription section circled above. If you have multiple subscriptions you need to update all individual active subscriptions separately. If you are having trouble or need help please email us and we will be happy to help.

How do you re-use your jars hygienically?

When we receive empty Yum Jar items back from our customers regardless of how clean they look they are hand-washed in the sink, put in the commercial dishwasher, and sterilized to ensure they are 100% safe for re-use. We do ask that you always wash all your jars thoroughly before returning them to us. This reduces our washing time significantly and makes it a lot safer for our staff to not be handling germs!

What if I no longer intend to order?

If for any reason you are unsatisfied with our service please let us know and we will see what we can do to improve! We are still a small business and are open to trying new things and gladly welcome suggestions from all our customers.

If you can no longer purchase from us, please order a free box pickup.

Can I donate other jars to you?

Yes please! We are always keen to receive extra jars to use and prevent from being recycled when they can just be reused! Pop them in your box before you return it to us or order a free box pickup. Please note we are not a recycling collector and there are specific things we use and cannot use, see the box pickup page for more info.

How do I know my card details are secure?

When you purchase by credit or debit card our website directs you to Stripe processing to take your details. The only thing our system retains are your profile details, the rest is secure in the banking system. Once your purchase is approved you will be brought back to the Yum Jar website. Your order needs to come back for it to be confirmed and for both of us to receive notification of your order.

I have more questions!

For all other inquiries, please send us an e-mail and we will get back to you within 5 working days if it is not urgent.