What is Yum Jar?

Yum Jar is a small food business that creates and delivers delicious, fresh, healthy, zero-waste lunches to the Wellington CBD Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays). Our meals are created fresh from scratch in the morning by our chefs and delivered to our customers’ locations from 11am-1pm. We work hard to provide our customers with tasty meals by using fresh produce and a variety of plant-based proteins and carbohydrates that come together to create delicious Yum Jars!

Yum Jar's meals are delivered in 1L glass jars that you return to us at your next order's delivery, creating a cycle that is zero-waste from pot to plate! No more plastic takeaway containers that just get thrown away. 

When we do our grocery shop we minimise buying food in plastic packaging as much as possible by using bulk bin shops and bringing our own containers. Examples of places you can do this are Hopper Home Eco Shop (Mt. Cook), Bin Inn (Petone), and Commonsense Organics. We source our produce fresh daily from trusted local suppliers Chevalier, Service Foods, and Shoots Wellington.

We are collaborating with NoCar Cargo, a local, CBD bicycle delivery service to bring your CBD orders to you via bike which means even fewer carbon emissions per Yum Jar! Our outer-suburb deliveries will be by electric car from 2020, but for now we make only 1 trip in our small car for the 40 odd orders we deliver so our carbon footprint is as low as possible.

Why choose Yum Jar?

Yum Jar was created to make eating healthy, plant-based food and reducing your carbon footprint as easy, convenient and delicious as possible! 

1. Yum Jars are zero-waste from pot to plate!

There’s a huge amount of pressure as a society to reduce our consumption levels and carbon footprint, but we as consumers have been hardwired to rely on harmful but convenient solutions like plastic packaging and takeaway foods on the regular. Yum Jar takes the guilt out of takeaway foods by providing a zero-waste option in a reusable glass jar that you give back to us next time we deliver. All you have to do is remember to bring your previous jar with you to work to swap for your next order.

2. Yum Jars are super convenient!

Have you ever spent your whole lunch break waiting in line for your lunch? Do you always leave your leftovers at home? Are you tired of eating the same food every day? Or is deciding what to get for lunch just becoming a hassle? Yum Jar has you covered! We take the stress out of buying lunch by delivering it to you at lunch time, fresh, hot, and ready to eat. Pick up your Yum Jar on delivery, and eat wherever you like at your leisure! Head to the waterfront, sit in the park, or eat in the office with break time to spare.

3. Yum Jars are 100% plant-based!

With more and more information surfacing about global warming and the negative effect our food habits are having on our atmosphere, eating plant-based foods has been widely shown to greatly reduce our impact - by up to 80% per person! BUT changing our eating habits without sacrificing nutrition and taste can seem like an impossible task. Yum Jar to the rescue! We want to help our customers feel good about themselves, not only by eating delicious and nutrient dense meals but also by knowing they are reducing their environmental impact.

Should I buy a regular or large size? ($12.50-$15)

Our meals are designed to suit most peoples dietary needs at lunchtime, i.e. to meet 1/3 of your daily nutritional intake. Our large meals are approximately 1/3 larger than our regular size and are recommended for those who require a larger intake of food i.e. those who spend more time doing physical activity, or just happen to have a larger appetite! For only an extra $2.50, we think that's a bargain!

A good way to find out your needs could be to ask yourself this question: do you usually go back for seconds or find yourself needing a snack in the afternoon? If yes, then you might want to try a large! Or, if you know you won’t be getting dinner at a regular time, you might want to refrigerate the second half of your large meal and eat it later in the day.

Why is today's Yum Jar bigger/smaller looking than yesterday's?

We base the amount of food in your Yum Jars off the amount of nutrients in them, and we want to keep the fat and salt content lower than your average takeaway. That's why some of our meals, i.e. Risotto, and Nachos, will look smaller than others; but hopefully they will satisfy you just as much!

Are Yum Jars healthy?

We think so! Our Yum Jars are not only gluten free, vegan, freshly made, and designed to be a decent portion of food per serving, they also contain only a little oil and salt, and NO refined sugars, artificial sweeteners, msg, or additives! While this means they only keep for 4-5 days in the fridge, it also means they are jam packed full of fresh produce, whole grains, legumes, and other whole, natural ingredients! 

Are Yum Jars Organic?

Short answer: No. Long answer: while we do buy some organic produce and dry goods, we don't do it as a rule. We want to keep our Yum Jars accessible and affordable, and going 100% organic would come with a significant price increase to our products.

Is there a minimum/maximum order?

No minimum required! You can order just once a week or buy every day.
As for a maximum, the Yum Jar kitchen is still just a team of 2, so for the moment there is a limit of 80 orders total per day, so if you would like to make a bulk order, please email us in advance! (See next question)...

Do you offer Catering?

Yes we do! Check out our new Catering page!

Are Yum Jars hot or cold? Can I heat them up?

As we offer a different meal every day, sometimes your Yum Jar will be served hot, i.e. pasta, and sometimes it will be cold i.e. potato salad. As they are freshly made and delivered straight to you from our kitchen in insulated carry bags, the temperature of your food will be appropriate and safe for consumption on delivery, but if you aren't going to eat it immediately please put it in the fridge. If your delivery is further down the delivery schedule, your order might not be piping hot, and we recommend re-heating it if so. NOTE: Please DO NOT heat your Yum Jar in the microwave or oven! If you want to reheat your Yum Jar meal we recommend you tip the contents into a microwave- or oven-safe vessel. The lids especially are not microwave safe. 

The jars and lids ARE BOTH dishwasher safe (including our labels). If you want to put it through your dishwasher please rinse it out with soapy water first to avoid baking on food residue.

I work/live outside your delivery zone! When will you be delivering to me?

As soon as we are regularly hitting our daily capacity again we hope to hire another staff member who can both help in the kitchen, and perhaps deliver in another vehicle. This way we can expand our delivery zone with production demand! As we are now based in Petone, our next delivery expansion is likely to be the Lower Hutt area! We would LOVE to deliver to you, so encourage your Wellington central friends to order more so we can eventually make it to you by sharing our website or instagram with them! We also offer catering and would be happy to deliver further out for bulk orders, just inquire via email at least 1 week in advance.

Can I cancel my Yum Jar if I am out-of-office?

Yes you can! And if it's before 9am you will get a FULL refund in the form of a discount code to the value of your Yum Jar cancellation. Cancellations after this time cannot be refunded unfortunately as they have already started to be made and are less likely to be sold. (In the event of us having leftovers we will always find a home for them, so never fear, it won't actually go to waste!)

Are Yum Jars Coeliac-friendly?

ALL of our meals are gluten free by default, and our kitchen space, while a shared space, is entirely gluten free too. 

If you have Coeliac's, please be aware that we buy our nuts, seeds, spices, and powders, and some liquids (i.e. oil, vinegar) from bulk shops to reduce packaging, and therefore cannot guarantee they won't have come into contact with gluten somewhere along the line. UPDATE Nov '19: we have had a few people with coeliac's order our food now and they have not reported any issues so you should be fine!

So, to sum up, like most food services, while the risk of contamination is extremely low due to our practices, some of our products may possibly have traces of gluten.

How do you re-use Yum Jars hygienically?

When we receive empty Yum Jars back from our customers regardless of how clean they look they are washed in the sink, put in the commercial dishwasher, and sterilised to ensure they are 100% safe for re-use. As above, you are welcome to rinse and put yours through the dishwasher at your work, but if you can't do this, just a quick rinse is fine.

What do I do if I break/lose my jar?

Please just let us know! We will just ask for a small $2 replacement fee that you can pay via cash next time you receive a delivery. We also recommend you store your empty Yum Jar out of sight after work hours as someone may think to recycle or take it away!

What if I no longer intend to order from Yum Jar?

If for any reason you are unsatisfied with our service please let us know and we will see what we can do to improve! We are still a new small business and are open to trying new things and welcome suggestions from our customers.

If you can no longer purchase Yum Jar, please let us know as we would like to collect our Yum Jar from you, so will arrange with you a suitable day/time for this if possible. Otherwise, V1 Vegan shop on Cuba St, Wellington are open most days and happy to receive Yum Jar drop offs.

I want to buy jars like this! Where do you get them?

Yum Jar currently purchases jars in bulk from Arthur Holmes in Petone. They are about $2 each depending on the size of your purchase. They are also able to be shipped to you in boxes of 15. Great for setting up a bulk-bin-goods-sourced pantry.

Can I use my own containers?

Unfortunately not, sorry! We recommend you keep your jar at work between orders to save the hassle of carrying it anywhere except back to us on your next delivery day.

Do I have to pay extra for the delivery?

If you are located in the Wellington CBD, Petone, or anywhere within the delivery zone on our How It Works page, your delivery fee is included in the price of your Yum Jar or subscription! If outside the zone, please get in touch via email to inquire about the possibility of delivery to you. We are open to making things work!

Where's the meat and dairy? "I need my protein fix!"

All Yum Jars are 100% free from animal products. You can get all the nutrition (yes, including protein and calcium!) you need from plant-based foods, you just have to know how! Luckily, our chef Ottilie has been cooking vegan for over 7 years and has been a vegetarian most of her life, so has a whole lot of delicious and satisfying plant-based recipes up her sleeve. Some of these recipes taste just like the 'real deal', just without relying on the hugely environmentally detrimental animal product industry. Included in every Yum Jar is a variety of proteins, carbs and other important nutrients that all come from plant-based ingredients that will satisfy vegans, vegetarians, and omnivores alike!

How do I know my card details are secure?

When you purchase by credit or debit card our website directs you to Stripe processing to take your details. The only thing our system retains are your profile details, the rest is secure in the banking system. Once your purchase is approved you will be brought back to the Yum Jar website. Your order needs to come back for it to be confirmed and for both of us to receive notification of your order.

What if I have other questions? 

For all other inquiries, please send us an e-mail.