Date Night Box

Date Night Box

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Orders cut-off is now SUNDAY 5PM. Any orders made after this cut-off time will not be processed until the following week. Thankyou for your understanding!

Purchasing This Box Includes:

- Recipes 1, 2 and 3 from our weekly Menu Calendar (new recipes every week!)

- 4 portions per recipe

- All required ingredients* including seasonal fresh local produce, pre-measured dry ingredients, and freshly made gourmet sauces and toppings

- Free delivery to most places! However, we don't deliver everywhere every day, so please choose a delivery day that corresponds to your address's assigned Delivery Zone**! 

*Extra Essential Pantry Items Required: Oil, Salt and Pepper.

**If you choose a day that we don't deliver to your area, we will move the delivery to the first suitable day available. 

Please not the ingredients and recipes in this box are NOT customizable. For different recipes, please order from our our Box Creator range.


Our food is prepared in a kitchen that uses gluten, tree nuts, peanuts, sesame, sulphites, and soy. If you have any severe allergies we recommend ordering a Box Creator and choosing recipes that are right for you. We do not cook any gluten or wheat in our kitchen, but we do package some dry goods that contain it. These are kept separate and we always clean all equipment after using it, so there is very minimal risk of gluten contamination of our other ingredients. We do not use any animal, insect or seafood products. 

This Box contains Gluten by default! For a Gluten Free Date Night Box, please select "Gluten Free" from the drop-down menu above.

Why "Date Night"? when it's 4 portions?

Yum Jar started out in 2019 helping people reduce their takeaway lunch waste by delivering freshly cooked meals in reusable jars to their workplace. We pivoted to meal boxes when COVID-19 put a spanner in the works, but want to encourage everyone to continue their low waste lunch habit by bringing delicious leftovers to work as their lunch! So we encourage people to buy the 2 portion boxes just for themselves, and the 4 portion box if feeding 2.