NO ORDERS THIS WEEK: We are closed for the week of 30th May - 6th June. due to scheduled building maintenance. We sincerely apologise for this inconvenience!

Yum Jar is now Closed Mondays

Dear everyone,

I have decided to close Yum Jar operations on Mondays for the time being, as we were not receiving enough orders to be profitable. Also, I am developing a new service that I hope to operate alongside Yum Jar in future. Apologies to everyone this affects in the meantime! If you have an existing subscription for Monday(s) the appropriate days will be transferred to the next working day. 

Also, next Monday (June 1st) is a public holiday (but I will most likely work through it on the new project..!)

I hope to have updates on the new project in the next couple of weeks.



Owner/Operator Yum Jar NZ