We're Officially Living Wage Accredited!

Guess who is finally officially a Living Wage Employer NZ!?

We’ve always paid our employees at least the living wage, but now it’s 100% official with the licence to prove it!

Yum Jar was set up not just to tackle waste, but with employees wellbeing in mind, and we designed our business model with a system that would enable us to pay everyone a fair wage, while still providing customers with an affordable, fairly priced product. It was a tough start but we're still going strong, and growing as a business. We're showing other businesses that it is possible. 

From the Living Wage website:
"Low wages mean that many thousands of wage and salary earners live on incomes that are unsustainable and inadequate. These people cannot save adequately for a house or retirement, have a holidays away from home and they, and their families, cannot participate fully in their communities and in society more generally."

Hospitality is one of the backbone industries of Wellington; people come from all over to experience the huge variety of restaurants, bars, cafes, and hotels here. If hospitality workers aren't paid fairly, they can't afford to live and work here, and keep our city's reputation 'the coolest little capital'.

We want to call on other leaders in our hospitality industry to take a stand and offer all their employees a minimum of the living wage - with the rising cost of living in this crazy world, it’s only fair that our workers are well valued, paid fairly, and treated with respect.

- Ottilie Smith
Director/Head Chef