Treats and coffee with your Yum Jars!

From Wednesday 28th onwards, head to the Pandemic Pack website to order your Yum Jar delivered with coffee, sweet treats and other goodies from your fave Welly cafés and businesses including:

  • Sweet Release (treats)
  • Willi’s Kitchen (treats)
  • Lashings (treats)
  • Grace Patisserie (treats)
  • Pour & Twist (coffee/drinks)
  • Soul Shack (fried chicken)
  • Food Envy (snacks and meals)
  • La Boca Loca & Boquita (burritos/tacos)
  • Wooden Spoon (Ice-cream)
  • Leeds Street Bakery (bread/treats)
  • The Regal Shortbread Co (biscuits)
  • Jano Bistro (fine dining)

So as you can see, there’s an amazing range of meals, treats and staples to be had, delivered! Collab operations on Pandemic Pack after next week will be Tuesdays-Saturdays.

Pandemic Pack will also be offering Porirua deliveries, so if you're in the Porirua area you can (for the first time ever!) order Yum Jar through there for a lunchtime or evening delivery - evening Yum Jars will have been kept refrigerated from midday, so you can heat and eat on delivery.

Our main Yum Jar delivery route is already very long, and we’re unable to deliver to Porirua ourselves in time, but the Pandemic Pack team has staff that will be delivering to Porirua, Wellington and Lower Hutt between 12-2pm, and 6-8pm.

To start with, there will be a total of 5 Yum Jars for sale per day on the Pandemic Pack website, (in addition to those for sale on Yum Jar's website), from Tuesday-Friday. If we are selling out of those 5 every day we will up the amount on the Pack site. This is just to avoid any food going to waste and is in keeping with our current ‘made-to-order’ system.

All deliveries will be contactless, so if you are returning Yum Jars to us please leave them outside your front door to be collected. We'll be ringing the doorbell and continuing on our route - unless you live in an apartment building, then we'll be sending a text message on arrival, so you can come down and swap your old jar for your order.

More updates to come as they develop... We can’t wait to get started!

Ottilie & the Pandemic Pack