Set Your Alarms, We're Back in Business!

Orders reopening tomorrow morning!
Just a quick note to say we'll be back in the kitchen next week! The menu for next week will be visible and orders will be open from 10am Tuesday 31st August, for deliveries starting Tuesday 7th September!
This includes both subscriptions and one-off orders for all box types and regular products. The box products have had a small makeover and a slight change in price, and may look a little different, but they are still the same, no changes have been made to the products themselves!

New order cutoff time: Friday Midnight
From now on the order cutoff will be at midnight on Friday evening. This is so in future we are able to start delivering on Monday evenings as well as the nights we already deliver. We've had a lot of people ask if we can do deliveries earlier in the week and closing orders earlier is the only way we can do this. It gives us more time and accurate numbers to order all ingredients in advance for delivery on Monday morning so we can get cooking/packing asap.

To Sum Up:
- Orders will close automatically at midnight Fridays and reopen midday Saturdays.
- Orders made after the cutoff period (i.e. on weekends) will no longer be included in the delivery schedule for that week, unless we are notified of a late order by email before Monday 9am.
Please note: we are not launching Monday deliveries yet, but hopefully we will grow enough to do so over the coming months, so stay tuned!

If you have any queries or concerns, please free to email us!

Stay safe, sign in, wear a mask, and look out for eachother!

Ottilie & the Yum Jar Team