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RIP Nissan Leaf!

For those of you who missed it: 

On a Monday at the start of October, while parked on the roadside, our humble Yum Car was totalled by a passing, swerving vehicle. I heard the crash from inside my house and was shocked to see my little Leaf all mushed up and on the road. The driver of the other vehicle had lost control around a corner and veered up onto the footpath, pushing my Leaf almost 2 car-lengths! Thankfully nobody was injured and we are all insured, but what a shock! So, unfortunately our friday deliveries will have to be made in a different vehicle until we get it fixed, or (and it seems more likely sadly) replace it. We are currently awaiting news from our insurance company re: what will happen to our lil' leaf and keeping our fingers crossed for its recovery!
Please remember to drive safely everyone!