Passionate Chef Wanted!

Yum Jar has a new Chef position coming up in July!

We're looking for someone with a bit of kitchen experience but more importantly, a passion for both delicious food and caring for the environment & others.

Your role: Your job will include cooking a variety of sauces, toppings, and meal components, & jarring them up for our meal boxes. As 1 of 2 chefs you will also be helping create the Yum Jar weekly menu - 5 different recipes each week, so there's plenty of room for creativity! We also now offer lunch deliveries once a week so you'll be doing some made-to-order fresh meals on Thursdays, & possibly Fridays in future. Your job will also include helping the rest of the team when needed.

What we offer: 

  • Weekday daytime hours - no working late nights, no weekends!
  • Variety! You will get to cook different recipes each week and consequently grow a large repertoire and expand your cooking knowledge
  • No customer service required in this role
  • Living wage – minimum $24/hour starting wage
  • Some free food! Plus staff discounts on our online shop
  • A fun, friendly, small & caring team 
  • Being part of a small business making a real difference, helping reduce waste and lower emissions, while pioneering a circular, zero waste food box economy!

What we actually do: Yum Jar is proud to provide delicious, plant based, zero waste meal boxes to customers based all over the Wellington region. We started as a small lunch delivery business and have grown 300% in the past few years, to a team of 7 awesome part timers from different backgrounds. Our meal boxes are zero waste - all meal components come in reusable jars, and we are recollecting and reusing them, the cardboard boxes and icepacks each week! We are also big on low waste in our kitchen, so are saving and reusing everything we can and only produce a tiny bin of landfill waste despite cooking hundreds of meals each week!

More about us...

Diversity: We support people from all backgrounds looking grow their skills and make a real difference in their day to day job. Our small team is made up of a diverse crew, and we are an inclusive and Lgbtqia+ friendly environment.

Sociable hours: Your hours of work will be 9am-5ish Monday-Thursday, with the potential to add Fridays in future. No weekends, and 2 weeks off over Christmas/New Years break. 

Owner-operated business: our founder Ottilie works with the team as the head chef, and is always keen on new ideas and improving the business, so keen to find people who want a job with purpose, and to make a real difference! 

Fairness & equality: We're big on equality, so we pay all our staff, dishie to delivery driver to head chef, above the living wage, which is going up to $26/hour in September. Currently the rate is $24/hour (even the boss earns this hourly wage, we are still a small grass-roots business!). We are also a compassionate crew and understand that everyone has different needs, and the occasional mental health day. We don't support the work-'til-you-drop attitude prevalent in many kitchen environments.

You will bring:

  • Ideally, minimum 1 year of kitchen/chef experience 
  • Competent knife skills & food handling skills
  • Good communication & teamwork skills
  • A passion for the environment and/or plant based food
  • A kind, caring attitude towards people from all backgrounds
  • Ability to use technology - to reduce waste we are paperless in the kitchen so operate from spreadsheets on laptops, tablets & phones!
  • Ideally you will be able to lift a at least 15kg - weight of our biggest box. You will build up strength if you don't have it already!

    The successful applicant will ideally start in early July, but this is negotiable for the right person!

    Please send applications to with your CV & tell us a little bit about yourself, your previous experience, and why you're interested in joining our team. We look forward to hearing from you!