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Pandemic Pack Cookbook Available Online

Kia Ora!

You may have heard that before the lockdown we had teamed up with a group of local small businesses called the Pandemic Pack and had planned joint deliveries with them of Yum Jars and their products which included sweet treats, fresh bread, and even coffee! As soon as the lockdown was announced we did some investigating and unfortunately found that we would be unable to operate while NZ was at the Level 4 stage. However we knew this would be hard for many of you (ourselves included!), as cooking is hard if you're not doing it every day, and eating the same food every day for a month is definitely not desirable for most of us! So we decided to release a cookbook together, with over 40 recipes from 16 different Wellington businesses!

You can purchase the book for a 'pay what you can' price (recommended $10+) here:

And read more about us on our homepage:

We hope to be operational as soon as the lockdown is shifted to Level 3! We also still have gift cards available for purchase and these will be able to be used as soon as we are back up and running.

Thanks again for your continued support of ours and other small businesses, a lot of whom might not still be here without your help during this difficult time,

Stay safe,


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