Newsletter for August 22nd

Next week's Zero Waste Pantry meal boxes are now ready to order! 

On the menu this week...
  • Creamy Chickpea & Potato Korma on Rice with Roasted Cashew Nuts
  • Pasta Marinara with Fried Mushrooms, Fresh Basil, Toasted Seeds and 'Parmesan' Crumb
  • Spicy Nachos with Corn Chips, Yum Jar's 'Cheese' Sauce and Coconut 'Sour Cream'
  • Creamy Mushroom & Thyme Ragu with Baby Spinach and Toasted Seeds 
  • Roast Pumpkin Risotto with baby spinach, Toasted Seeds and 'Parmesan' Crumb
This week Yum Jar delivered: 36 boxes, with a total of 344 meals!

Veggie Quantity Increase
Recently we have been having trouble with our supplied vegetable quantities; with numbers versus kg amounts being difficult to divide up, resulting in some smaller amounts per box and confused customers!
I have changed the way I calculate and order the quantities of produce, so this didn't happen this week and is less likely to in future.
The main issue is using fractions as opposed to kg measurements in recipes: most people don't use scales at home, so I use fractions in recipes more commonly to make it easier. However sometimes the veggies we get vary in size greatly! For example, carrots: sometimes I give people 1 large carrot instead of 2 small to make numbers work, which ends up confusing people when they come to make their recipes! So to avoid this I am just increasing the amount we order, and any extra produce can be just distributed among orders - better to have more than enough than not!

A new addition to the Yum Jar team
This week I am STOKED to introduce our new delivery driver Matt! He will be driving our deliveries on Weds-Thurs evenings from now on, so if you see a tall young man dropping off or picking up your box, that's him! Not only am I super happy to be able to have an addition to our team, and offer part time employment with a living wage, it also means I have more time to get everything done, and then have a rest after two big days in the kitchen. It also means we can deliver more ZWP boxes, as he also has a Nissan Leaf and I can do any extra / out of the way deliveries! So a huge thanks to Matt and his family for reaching out!

Foodie photo of the week

This week's winner is Mona with their awesome pic and plating up of our Orange Peanut and Ginger Noodles:

Got an eye for food photography or just proud of your cooking skills? Send pics of your Zero Waste Pantry meals to, or tag us in posts on Instagram @zerowastepantrynz or Facebook: @Yum Jar NZ and we will gladly share them with our followers! Each week we will choose our fave submission and they will get a 10% discount for their next order, so get snapping!

As always any questions, comments or feedback are always welcome in our inbox! 

Have a great weekend everyone!
Ottilie @ Yum Jar HQ