Movin' on Up!

Kia Ora Yum Jar Whanau, 
We have some exciting beans to spill this week! 

1. Our Menu for the whole of February is up on the website for you! With some special new recipes coming up in the next few weeks. Head over to the Menu Calendar to check them out!

2. Weekly Subscriptions are now available on all preset ZWP boxes! Choose between One Time Purchase or Weekly Subscription when you order on the product page. It will automatically bill you weekly, but you can pause, cancel or edit your subscription any time!

3. We have a new EV!
It's been a few months since our first EV was written off (RIP!) and we have finally replaced her with a significant upgrade. We considered a van, but unfortunately the range of most electric vans is much too low for our needs, so a leaf that could go further was a better move in a number of ways. Our replacement 100% electric leaf is jet black and goes much further than our old 2013 one, and we are very happy to finally get back on the 100% EV bandwagon.

4. Last but definitely not least: WE ARE MOVING!

After looking around for quite some time, we have finally found our very own kitchen! We outgrew our current shared space not long after lockdown, so are very excited about it! It is located in Porirua, and we will be moving there in late February. Our delivery zones will stay the same until February 19th, and we won't be removing any existing zones, but we will be able to deliver to the Porirua area during any of our delivery times from then! We are also considering expanding the delivery zone to slightly northern areas, i.e. Plimmerton. Stay subscribed for updates on that. 

Finally, we will be unavailable for contact a lot of this week, as between 27th-31st Jan we will be away at Kiwiburn festival, and completely out of internet range there! So if you have any queries about the new system or anything else, please send an email before Tuesday at 5pm to receive an answer before we go! And don't worry, this is likely to be the last break for us for a long time!

Nga Mihi,
Ottilie & the Yum Jar team