COVID-19 Extra H&S Measures for Yum Jar


Best practice workflow

As an existing hospitality outlet, our Food Control Plan already covers safe and sanitary handling of ‘Food Accessories’, a definition which covers the Yum Jars and lids.

We are making some small changes to our workflow to ensure that both ourselves and our customers, are kept safe.

For your peace of mind, here are the processes we will be implementing to ensure the safety of all as much as possible:

Yum Jar Ordering is Contactless

  • Already our system is entirely online. We will not be offering any cash deliveries, and any payments are made before pickup (existing practice).

Delivery is Safe

  • We always deliver our meals in a freshly sanitised Yum Jar and lid (existing practice).
  • Our delivery to each customer will be contactless, by our delivery driver dropping the Yum Jar/s off at doorstep or mailbox and sending a text message to the customer to alert them of its arrival.

Recollection of empty Yum Jars is safe

  • We will collect returned empty Yum Jars from the customer’s front doorstep, only if the Yum Jar is left out for collection. Last minute returns will not be collected until they are put outside by the customer, so we don’t come within 2m of them or their open door.
  • Collected empty Yum Jars are put in a sealed container in the Yum Jar delivery vehicle’s boot, and left there until Friday after deliveries are completed, to avoid them interacting with new Yum Jar deliveries.
  • Yum Jar delivery driver will sanitize hands between each Jar pick up and the next order’s delivery.
  • Yum Jar delivery driver to sanitize hands before, and wash and sanitise immediately on re-entering, the Yum Jar kitchen.
  • Collected Yum Jars are washed on Friday afternoons, after all food prep and clean up for the week has been done and put away.
  • Dishwasher will be cleaned and sterilised immediately after use (existing practice).
  • The washed Jars are then ‘quarantined’ for 60 hours (5pm Friday-5am Monday) in the dishwashing area, and re-sterilized before being used for deliveries the next week.

Safe set up in Kitchen

  • Sanitise all Yum Jars and lids prior to use (existing practice).
  • Store the Yum Jars away from the food prep areas. (existing practice).
We are also giving extra attention to:
  • Regular hand washing, and avoiding touching our face (existing practice).
  • Wearing appropriate PPE such as hair nets, masks, and aprons in the kitchen, closed shoes, long sleeves, (existing practice).
  • Regularly sanitising and wiping workplace and vehicle surfaces (existing practice).
  • Sanitizing any products brought into the kitchen and our vehicle  (existing practice).
  • Staff not working if they are sick (existing practice).
  • Maintaining physical distancing from others in our workplace and while delivering.

We ensure you that we are following guidelines for heightened food safety standards, as outlined by MPI and New Zealand Food Safety.

We hope this puts your mind at rest that we are doing all we can during these uncertain times to maintain the absolute safety and integrity of our reusables and zero waste system.

Stay safe,