2020 on a roll!

Hello from Yum Jar HQ on this extremely windy afternoon!

I'm so happy that we have had a great start to the year, but I can't believe it's already February tomorrow! 

The new EV is going really well, no problems so far, and it goes from Brooklyn to Petone, back to the CBD, then Newtown, Miramar, back to Petone, and Brooklyn again without needing a charge in between! Honestly, it is really the best investment ever, and it has made such a difference to both the carbon emissions we (no longer) emit, and the over all cost of our deliveries! Context: we used to spend up to $200/week on petrol, now we're paying approximately $50 total per week for the power the EV uses! I wish more EVs were affordable and available for everyone, as it would decrease our carbon emissions drastically if more people could make the switch. We are in the process of organising branding for the Yum Car to stand out, so watch this space!

Kombucha cravings...

This week I met with Paul from Plimmerton Kombucha who has some delicious locally brewed beverages on offer, and we thought it would be a good idea to team up and offer Kombucha deliveries with Yum Jars! Their kombucha is made from real fruits and spices, and each sip nurtures the gut with super probiotic goodness. If you'd be keen on some 'booch' deliveries with your Yum Jars, please fill out our super quick survey so we know you're interested!

In other news, for the time being Yum Jar is back to being a team of 1 (plus the Nocar Cargo cyclists) as our kitchen assistant has had a change of plans for her year, and is headed back to study very soon. I am sad to see her go, but happy to have had her help during the very busy season last year! Yum Jar is manageable with just myself for the time being, but we will look into hiring again if you know anyone with kitchen skills who could be interested, pass it on!

Finally, a reminder that we will be closed this Thursday for Waiting Day, so for subscriptions please make sure you don't choose Thursday as a delivery day!

Have a great weekend everyone,

Ottilie ~ Yum Jar