UPDATE: Orders now close THURSDAYS at MIDNIGHT for Meal Boxes delivered the following week!

Freshly Baked Bread
Freshly Baked Bread
Freshly Baked Bread
Freshly Baked Bread

Freshly Baked Bread

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Please note: All orders must be made in conjunction with a Zero Waste Pantry Box before MIDNIGHT THURSDAYS (the week before the order is due) to be included in deliveries/pickups from Monday-Friday the following week. 

To add products to a pre-ordered subscription, simply order them separately and we will collate all your orders into one box for the week. 

UPDATE: We are only able to add bread to Box deliveries/pickups on THURSDAYS AND FRIDAYS. If you are making a bread order, please make sure your Box delivery is for one of these days. Thanks!

We have teamed up with Little Bread Loaf and can now provide freshly baked bread* in your Zero Waste Pantry meal box! Little Bread Loaf is a small local business just like us, and they make an assortment of vegan breads, as well as a traditional Maori recipe: Rewena Bread! Their shop is based in Lower Hutt and open to the public, and you can find out more about Lynda and Lillian on their website here!

Please note, from now on we will only be receiving deliveries of fresh bread on Thursdays. Please email us if you want to change your box’s delivery day.

Types of Bread Available:

- Sourdough Loaf, 20% Rye

- Bagels, 4-pack

- Baguettes

- Rewena Bread, 3-pack of Mini Loaves

Bread will be delivered in recyclable paper bags (you can return these to us if you wish) in your Zero Waste Pantry Meal Box. The Baguettes and Sourdough may be a little large for some boxes, so will be delivered alongside/on top of your box.

All these breads contain Gluten. We are looking into a Gluten Free bread option for the future.

How to: Box Subscription Add-ons

- Once Off: You can add your bread order onto a meal box subscription by making the order separately with the same account in the same week - we will collate all orders made by the same account. 

- Subscription of Bread: You can have a Bread Subscription by checking the Subscription option on this product page before adding to your cart. Make sure to choose weekly or fortnightly, and that you also have a Zero Waste Pantry meal box order each week you are expecting a Bread order.